lori ciesla
jason sarnoski
james kern iii


Warren County New Jersey Commissioners

We Shall No Longer Allow Warren County Commissioners to Thwart Justice, Suppress the Truth or Silence Victims of Child Sex Trafficking and Demand Accountability, Public Apology & Reparations on behalf of All of those Preyed Upon by Sheriff Edward G. Bullock and His Accomplice, Convicted Sex Offender Robert Cole; whom along with others in their Pedophile Ring Sexually Abused Boys being Held in County Custody at Warren Acres Juvenile Detention Center, Youth Shelter & Throughout the Community as County Officials & Personnel Ignored & Covered Up Their Crimes and Sadistically Retaliated Against Kids that Spoke Out!

Warren County Commissioners Jason Sarnoski, James Kern III & Lori Ciesla must Cease their Endless Litigation Against Child Sexual Assault Victims and put a Stop to the Chicanery of County Counsel Joseph Bell and Jerald Howarth.

James Kern III
Lori Ciesla
Jason Sarnoski

Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Warren
Wayne Dumont, Jr. Admin. Bldg.
165 County Road, 519 South
White Twp., New Jersey 07823-1949
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