Former Sheriff Edward Bullock’s ‘interest’ in young boys no secret, former officers say

Former Warren County Sheriff Edward Bullock is brought into Superior Court in a wheelchair March 12 for a hearing.

(Express-Times Photo | BILL ADAMS)

First of a three-part series

Years before he was charged with any wrongdoing, officials in Warren County — including numerous officers in the sheriff’s department, elected officials and members of law enforcement — were aware former Sheriff Edward Bullock may have had a perverted interest in young boys, according to recent statements made by two ex-sheriff’s officers.

Rumors swirled around the Belvidere courthouse, jokes were made among staffers, and some even snickered when they saw the sheriff escorting boys down the hallway and into his office, the officers said.

But despite having a “general knowledge” of the sheriff’s alleged behavior, “no one seemed to care” and it became a running joke, one of the retired sheriff’s office members said in statements obtained by The Express-Times.

“Everybody that was involved in the Warren County Courthouse and the surrounding politics knew,” a second officer said.

“Absolutely, it wasn’t a secret, there just wasn’t a secret,” the individual added later.

The Express-Times is withholding the names of the officers in the documents because the statements were given to a private detective with the understanding they would not become public. Both have declined a reporter’s request for an interview.

The 86-year-old Bullock, who now lives in Ocean County, New Jersey, was indicted in February on three counts each of aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault. He has been free on $100,000 bail.